Transport et Distribution Jean-Marc Thibodeau Inc. offers consulting and freight brokerage services since 1987. The company enjoys an excellent reputation in the transportation industry. Its personnel, with its diversified experience, forms a dynamic team providing quick and quality service. We realize proper communication is key to the success of the transportation of your merchandise and vital to your satisfaction as well as to your clients and suppliers.

Our Values

Why should you do business with a recognized freight broker?

There are many advantages:

  • Our experience in the management of domestic and cross border transport, whether partial shipments (LTL trucking) or full loads (FTL trucking), will allow us to provide you with a wide range of transport solutions and services.
  • Our purchasing power with our carriers/partners provides us with a competitive pricing advantage that translates into savings for our customers. Moreover, it allows us to offer tariffs that are custom fitted to the type of merchandise shipped, whether on a weight/volume ratio, classification, cost per pallet, space occupied or total miles travelled.
  • Whether you are looking to improve the level of service provided by your current freight carrier or wishing to improve your bottom line, our aim is to clearly understand our customer’s needs and recommend solutions that will allow you to meet both these goals.
  • Doing business with our team of skilled consultants will allow you to focus on your business. Should you need freight transportation services for your commercial goods, one call only is all you need for a pick up request or pricing inquiry, regardless of the nature of your shipment. We have the expertise and the resources to quickly identify the transportation companies (road or intermodal freight carriers) that will meet all your FTL and LTL shipping needs. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are getting the best solutions for your shipping requirements.
  • Transport & Distribution offers a greater flexibility than conventional transport companies, because these firms must systematically operate within limits that we, as a logistics company, do not have. For example, if you ask a conventional trucking company to expedite a partial shipment (LTL freight) from a given area on a definite date, that company may not have the truck or the required space available at that particular time. As a logistics company, we work within a network that makes it easy for us to find the equipment you need and meet your requirements much faster.
  • We perform a close follow up of each shipment, from pick up to delivery. We understand that communication is key, enabling you to be pro-active in your planning.

Our company's history

Transport & Distribution began operating in 1987, when its founder Jean-Marc Thibodeau launched his activities as a transport consultant, providing consulting services to manufacturers and distributors. His services were aimed at reducing costs and implementing distribution analysis, auditing and managing transport payables. The company expanded with time and so did the requirements from its customers. The demand for the consulting services stagnated, while the demand for transport brokerage services, mainly trucking distribution, increased. At that point, the company obtained its permit of operation from the Quebec Transport Commission which is essential in order to provide logistics services . We gradually furthered these activities and adapted to the requirements of today’s businesses. Currently, our team consists of four highly experienced logistics brokers, and the company has specialized in this field for many years.

Your satisfaction = Our reputation

Transport & Distribution enjoys an excellent reputation within the transport industry and can offer references upon request. Our staff takes pride in being available, pro-active and centered on service and communications. Our credit rating is excellent, much to our suppliers’ satisfaction. (Dun & Bradstreet – Ref. #: 25-2114020).

Our carriers’/partners’ paperwork are revised regularly. This process sees that the trucking firm we select to handle your shipment has the proper permits and insurance.