Founder's Greeting

Welcome to Transport & Distribution’s website.

Transport & Distribution’s ultimate goal remains the same since its inception, in 1987: to increase its clients’ profitability and service level, while reducing their transportation cost. This goal is reflected by our company’s logo. The arrow up stands for an increase in productivity and arrow down represents a decrease in freight cost. More than 20 years later, as a logistics company, we still value this goal and strive to reach it in each logistics solution offered to our customers. We always insist on the importance of proper communication and make it our duty to act morally and responsibly in all transactions entrusted to us.

We recognize that the efficiency of client’s supply chain is a critical issue, and we adapt to the competitiveness that today’s manufacturers and distributors confront.

The logistics professionals at Transport & Distribution are trained to maximize the level of service while providing savings for its clients, in a prompt and competent manner.

Many companies entrust us with the management of their cargo, and we look forward to the opportunity of providing you with the same satisfaction.

Jean-Marc Thibodeau - Founder