Our Services

We focus on supplying transportation and logistics services that increase our clients’ profitability by decreasing their transportation costs while providing a level of service that meets their needs.

Products transported

Our transport services focus strictly on commercial goods. The company handles LTL and FTL freight including hazardous materials, foodstuff, paper products and an extensive range of commercial merchandise. Though most of the merchandise is transported on standard skids/pallets (40” x 48”), we also handle the transportation of other packaged goods; products in different size crates, drums, pails, rolls, bales, totes, cartons, etc.

Due to the diversity of companies using our services and the variety of products transported, we continuously adapt our services to meet with our customers’ various necessities. Some require less than truckload (LTL services) for the transportation of their merchandise while others require full truckloads (FTL) services or specialized equipment to handle oversize shipments. Whether rapid transit time or regular transit time is your preference, we manage each shipment diligently, in accordance to your special requirements.

Equipment used

Knowing that certain types of products may require special handling, Transport & Distribution can supply different types of equipment that meet the needs of your particular shipments. Whether you require a closed dry van, open trailers, insulated trailers with temperature control units, or rail containers, we can assist you in managing your distribution. Some features of the product or geographical constraints may require the use of a straight body truck, curtain trailers or other specialized equipment such as a step deck, double drop or expandable trailer. Blocking and bracing material, hydraulic tailgate or other service accessories may equally be needed. Due to our numerous carriers/partners, Transport & Distribution can meet your specific demands.

If you export or import goods from distant regions between Canada and the United States, rail service may be your best option. Rail service offers two options: intermodal service (piggy back) or rail cars, if your facility is equipped with a rail siding.


We can arrange your international transport to other continents. Service is provided by air for urgent deliveries, or by vessel for full or partial containers, in co-operation with our international partners. However, we mostly manage ground transportation within North America, our primary service is the transportation of cross-border shipments (FTL and LTL transportation) between Canada and the United States or Mexico.

This includes the management of transportation locally between two points within the same province and between different Canadian provinces including interstate movements. Transportation services throughout North America at your service!